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Honda DAA

This sturdy set of POP displays aims to assist dealership sales associates, across several regions, with the model trim features of the 2022 Honda lineup.

Banner Stand MockUp.png
NATURE EV Mockup.png
REVEAL EV Mockup1.png

Honda DAA

A set of POP Towers, consisting of 5 panels and standing almost 5ft tall, were developed out of the client's need to create hype for the new Honda Prologue prior to Honda releasing any images of the vehicle. Categorized as Nature, Reveal and Lifestyle; these three towers give the sales associates eye-level visuals when discussing the upcoming vehicle's features and release date.

10029_CHD10182023 ’24 MPG Showroom Banner POP.jpg

Honda DAA

An easy-to-use retractable banner has a limited showroom footprint and can assist sales associates in providing consumers with valuable information about Honda's miles-per-gallon claims for the 2024 lineup.

Retractable Banner Mock Up.png
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